Samsung Odin Tool v3.14.4 Latest Android 9.0/10 Download

Odin3 Software Samsung Odin tool v3.14.4 Latest version Use for Android 9.0/10 Samsung Phone Fix Flash And Other Software Problem

Samsung Odin Tool v3.14.4

Fast you phone download mode then connect phone the computer use USB cable Samsung Odin v3.13 detect device show up BLUE Box com port number but must be installed SAMSUNG -Drivers you pc.only tick f.reset box and Auto-Reboot does not use another box start button clicks same time wait Odin tool say “pass” a GREEN Box and complete your phone flashing done.the phone will reboot than full power on your phone disconnect from pc

Name: Samsung Odin Tool v3.14.4 Latest
Type: zip(without password)
Size: 4.19 MB
Virus:scanned by Microsoft security essentials
Odin Tool v3.14.4 Latest

How To Flash Odin Tool v3.14.4 :

Downloaded firmware file extract this get 4 file
AP (System & Recovery)
BL (Bootloader)
CP modem/radio
CSC (Country /Region /operator)
HOME_CSC_***(Country /Region / operator)

How to Download mode Samsung Phone the Odin Tool

2. This option is not trying another way
3.Option2 VOLUME DOWN+ VOLUME+UP than a USB cable
4.Option3 Power + VOLUME DOWN + VOLUME UP
6.Option5 (Note9) USB cable  BIXBY + VOLUME DOWN

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