Magisk Manager v25.2 (Latest all versions)

Magisk Manager Helps to root your Android OS Mobile devices. It Is substitute between SuperSu and king root Application.

The manager is the best rooting app in 2022 For Android. The website shared two Google Drive Links to Download MagiskManager all versions on this page. Magisk APK and Zip Two type files are below.

Magisk Manager v25.2

Magisk Manager v25.2 ZIP And APK File Information

Magisk manager the latest version of APK allows safely rooting of your Android devices. It supports OS Android Lollipop to the latest version of Android Mobile or Tablets.

File Name: Magisk Manager and Apk
File Size: 10 MB
Computer Compatibility: Windows 7,8,10 (x64 or x86)

Download Magisk Manager All version (APK and ZIP)

v25.1: Magisk_Manager_v25.1 | APK | ZIP

v25.0: Magisk_Manager_v25.0 | APK | ZIP

v24.3: Magisk_Manager_v24.3 | APK | ZIP

v24.2: Magisk_Manager_v24.2 | APK | ZIP

v24.1: Magisk_Manager_v24.1 | APK | ZIP

v24.0: Magisk_Manager_v24.0 | APK | ZIP

v23.0: Magisk_Manager_v23.0 | APK | ZIP

v22.0: Magisk_Manager_v22.0 | APK | ZIP

v22.1: Magisk_Manager_v22.1 | APK | ZIP

v21.0: Magisk_Manager_v21.0 | APK | ZIP

v21.1: Magisk_Manager_v21.1 | APK | ZIP

v20.0: Magisk_Manager_v20.0 | ZIP

v19.4: Magisk_Manager_v19.4 | APK | ZIP

v17.1: Magisk_Manager_v17.1 | ZIP

v17.0: Magisk_Manager_v17.0 | ZIP

v16.7: Magisk_Manager_v16.7 | ZIP

v7.5.1: Magisk_Manager_v7.5.1 | ZIP | APK

v5.5.2: Magisk_Manager_v5.5.2 | APK | ZIP

How To Root Using Magisk Manager APK and Zip File

  1. Download MagiskManager (.apk and .zip) Then follow the Below steps
  2. Change the file type format (.apk to .zip). Or download the zip format File
  3. After, copy the Zip file to the Mobile and SD card storage
  4. Download the custom TWRP recovery file and flash your phone
  5. Hold vol+ and power button Run to recovery mode
  6. Click to install the Magisk Manager zip file on the place
  7. Now installing swipe the arrow left to right to MagiskManager zip file
  8. After rebooting your Mobile install Magisk Manager

Readme Once

[*] Recommend: You Need To Flash TWRP recovery file Your Device. Must Flashing Be Had Knowledge? Website is Not Liable for Any brick To Your Mobile Phone.

[*] Backup All Data: You, Will, Go To Flash Android OS Mobile Phone devices  But Need a Backup
Of Your Device. Loss All Data Your Phone After Flashing are Completed.

[*] Unlock Bootloader: Must be a bootloader to unlock your phone for installing the TWRP recovery file.

[*] Credits: online credit distributed by developer topjohnwu. Created MagiskManager Apk.

[*] Others APK For Root: Go to the Click here Kingo Root APK files  For rooting your Mobile Phone.

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